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    Name – Mahogany Theantes

    Age - 37

    Race - Human

    Gender - Male

    Hair – Blonde

    Eyes - Brown

    Height – 6‘1’’

    Frame – athletic

    Weight - 195 lb.

    Sexual Orientation – Heterosexual

    Wife – Adara Theantes

    Children –

    He would like to have children, but he wants to be there to raise them. Therefore, he is waiting until the philosophical debate in Atlantis cools off.

    Identifying Marks –

    A scar running from his right shoulder blade down the length of his back ending just above his right hip. He received the scar while working on the construction of a building that he designed.

    Skills –

    A good leader and charismatic speaker. He is also a very skilled writer and architect.

    Background –

    Became a mover and a shaker in Atlantis in his early twenties as an architect and writer. While working on the construction of a buildings he designed a scaffold collapsed and trapped Mahogany under a support pillar. It took the rescue team six hours to get him free. The doctors told him he would never walk again. He was intent to prove them wrong and sent for one of the priests to come pray over him that he would be able to walk again. However when the priest arrived he simply told Mahogany that it was the will of the gods that his ability to walk had been taken from him. Mahogany moved ahead with his physical therapy in spite of what the priest had told him. And after a year of therapy Mahogany walked into the now completed building where his accident had occurred. This was a defining moment for Mahogany to him it was evidence that people blindly following what the priests told them held them back from reaching their full potential. He entered the political field in his late twenties on the platform that the people of Atlantis could accomplish anything they wanted and didn’t need to constantly check with the priests to ensure they were doing the right thing. This mentality appealed to the younger Atlantians and he quickly rose to the office of Lord Ordinate. Under his rule science and society development increased exponentially. While the majority of the citizens of Atlantis embrace him and his leadership there is still a faction within the population and government that holds to the belief in the gods of their ancestors. It is only a matter of time until these two points of view collide.

    Personality –

    Tries to not let his intelligence create distance between himself and others. Believes people can accomplish anything they set their minds to. Is only interested in forming meaningful relationships with people that challenge and stimulate him. Since becoming Lord Ordinate he has dedicated himself to improving Atlantis in every way possible and making it possible for each Atlantian to reach their full potential. Has lost faith in the gods of his ancestors and believes humanity has outgrown these gods and no longer need them.

    Quotes –

    “This civilization was born of the brilliance of man the gods had nothing to do with it. We have outgrown them and now they envy us.”

    Activities and Hobbies –

    His position as Lord Ordinate takes up a lot of his time, but he does still find some time for personal pursuits. His main creative outlet is his writing. He also continues to draft designs on his architect’s table. Currently he is writing a volume on the history of Atlantis. He hopes this historical volume will inspire humanity to try to reach its full potential.

    Occupation – Lord Ordinate of Atlantis

    Image – Robert Downey Jr. (Actor)

    -more information to come in play-

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