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    >> Character Bio <<

    Name ~ Undisclosed

    Alias ~ Trinity

    Age ~ Appears early to mid 20's

    Race ~ Drow † Demoness

    Class ~ Demi ~ Goddess

    Vocation ~ Time Walker ~ Manipulator of Time ~
    Master of Psionics

    Other Abilities ~ Assassin in Training ~ Art of Weaponry ~
    Martial Arts ~ Immunity to Poisons

    Martial Art ~ Diverse Learnings

    Weapon Speciality ~ Nine Section Chain Whip ~ Paired Butterfly Swords ~ Dual Wielded Katana and Tanto Combo ~ Naginata

    >> Physical Appearance <<

    Gender ~ Female

    Height ~ 5' 7

    Hair Color ~ Russet Red

    Eye Color ~ Golden Honey

    Complexion ~ Pale

    Alignment ~ Neutral

    >> Abilities <<

    Manipulator of Time and Time Travel

    ~ Brief Explanation ~
    Trinity can not only traverse the many dimensional of time but she is able to manipulate them as well. She has the ability to enter and exit at any point of time whether it be current reality or an alternate reality. She has the ability to ferry at least one other entity or body along with her at a time while traversing the many different planes and or times. Otherwise she herself could easily move back and forth at will.

    Master of Psionics

    ~>Astral Projection<~
    ~>Aura Reading<~

    ~ This is no more then a basic outlining profile for Trinity. Her abilities and trainings are currently listed and not much more as this Bio is basically a work in progress. To fully understand her personality, her inner workings and her myriad emotions I would suggest interacting with her. ~

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