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    Name- Vanyel Salizar DeFanel
    Codename- The Raven
    Gender- Male
    Height- 6'4"
    Eye color-Crimson
    Hair color- Black
    Race- Demon/Dhamphir
    Occupation- Ninja Assassin
    Tattoo- Tribal tattoo on left arm
    Assertive hand- Ambi
    Martial arts-
    Jyuken- Gentle Fist
    Goken- Rough Fist
    Elements- Soul, Darkness

    Appearance and Demeanor-
    Van is normally known for his striking looks and charm. Though now on top of that there is a sinister air about him, giving many people he has met the feeling he was going to try and kill them. Only around those few he truly cares for will he let his warmth show. Van is also certainly not the type to keep his opinion to himself, even when asked to.

    Sealed form- his canines are much larger than the average human's, which is the only physical thing that gives away his heritages, this and his above average strength, speed, and endurance. On his shoulder blades are markings that resemble his tatoo, these marks are from which his wings appear.
    Shikai- his black feather wings erupt from his shoulder blades, and the Soul gem appears set in a now opened Ajna Chakra. Since only a small part of his demon nature is released Van is still in control and his strength, speed, and endurance improve to that of his Dhamphir heritage.
    Bankai- bone spikes jut from near the elbow pointing back, his hands become more claw like, two horns emerge from his head and black markings, similar to his tattoo appears from either side of his Ajna Chakra and on his torso. In this form even the Khaos gauntlets change. The prime metal plating takes on a porous and rougher texture, the finger portions change to match his fingers and take on a bone like appearance, and everything under the metal plates also takes on bone appearance. This is the most Van can release of his demon nature and stay in control though he has a higher rage and bloodlust.

    Vanyel can be seen in black gi style pants with a flame like pattern on the right side that nearly reaches his hip in crimson. He also wears a pair of heavy boots, coloration matches the legs of the pants- one black and one crimson, with attached metal greaves that go from the ankles to his knee, hidden by the pants. On his arms Vanyel wears a pair crimson metal gauntlets, that cover from hands to elbows, known as Khaos, though if these gauntlets have any abilities they are not known. There are several, what appear to be gems, set in the right gauntlet in the shape of a triangle. One of this gems is crimson while the rest are transparent. He is more often than not shirtless and often wears a black long coat.

    While 'working' Vanyel wears a shinobi shōzoku, a type of dark-coloured keikogi clothing(usually black ordark red), made up of split-toed tabi boots ("jika-tabi") and socks; special trousers with double-ties which fasten at the ankles, knees and waist; a jacket with overlapping lapels which is tucked into the trousers; protective arm-and-hand sleeves(the Khaos gauntlets sans the glove section fits over); and a separate hood and mask. The outfit is made of strong, dark-colored fabric fitted loosely to allow freedom of movement. On both thighs Van wears containers, one for kunai on the right and one for shuriken on the left. There are numerous pockets hidden in the jacket for various scrolls and flasks of poison. He also has a black vest with various pockets for the same purpose as his jacket he uses when he does not have time to use his full shōzoku.

    Born in the Royal DeFanel bloodline in the House of The Eternal Empire, His father is the Demon Lord Folken L. DeFanel or Lac for short and his Dhamphir mother Loerya DeFanel. Other notable family members would consist of his brother Dante I. DeFanel, his Aunt Amelee Star DeFanel and his neice Theadra DeFanel.

    Weapons of Note-

    Soul Element- This element deals in the cultivating of spirit energy to be used as a potent ki such as various blasts, minor barriers and allows Van to sense surrounding souls. Due to the nature of the energy it can harm spirit beings.
    Darkness (Yami) Element- the connection to the demonic dark realm Yomi allows Van access to the Shadow element as well as demon and arcane skills, by means of the Khaos gauntlets, without them Van only has access to Shadows.
    Kuji-kiri- using kuji-kiri (hand signs) Vanyel has access to many ninja magics.
    In Goken style Van uses pure brute force of his fists. Ki in this style can increase strength and speed for short bursts, any longer puts Van in danger of serious bodily harm.
    In Jyuken style Van uses the tips of the index and middle fingers to go for pressure points and vital spots, sending short bursts of ki through his fingertips Van can cause internal damage.

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