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    ]The Rakshasa. Said to have been born from the foot of creator god Brahma and incarnations of wicked men and women serve none but their warlords. They are wicked cannibals, warriors of flesh and blood that feast on their own in the battlefield, their eyes like hungry animals eager to devour the remains of kin. There have been many epics related to the fabled race comprised of guardians and demons and most involve the great hero Rama in the world of Ramayana. There Ravana, the great rakshasa of Lanka1 ruled and played with his latest toy – the kidnapped Queen Sita from the arms of her husband, Rama. Rama of course, had noticed his wife’s disappearance and with great anguish organised a siege. The monkey god Lord Hanuman assisted, leading his great army of monkey soldiers along with King Rama against the island fortress of Lanka. There the rivers ran red with blood of asura demons and good soldiers but like many legends, good prevailed.

    Now there was one such rakshasa who watched each of the ten heads that composed Ravana hacked off one by one by the vengeful Rama. He watched with a face stained red from the blood of the many monkey soldiers sent by Lord Hanuman to breach the fortress of Lanka and from then on he vowed revenge. Revenge that would end with Rama and the rest of the devas2 bleeding and whimpering at his feet.


    Name: Rahu

    Race: Rakshasa

    Alignment: Lawful Evil/Neutral Evil

    Hair colour: Black

    Eye colour: Green/Grey

    Build: Medium/muscular

    Height: 6’5”

    Occupation: Renegade

    Assertive hand: Left

    Weapon of choice: Scimitar

    Magical abilities: Shapeshifting illusionist and magicican. Shapeshifting usually only works optimally if belief is involved. His favoured shape involves a humanoid panther.

    Fighting style: Turn based

    Defining characteristics: Calculating feline eyes and movement is powerful yet graceful. Venom is enclosed underneath long, sharp fingernails and may drip if threatened. Will fight dishonorably and use magic if conventional weapons do not suffice to meet his needs.

    Mythology: Ancient Hindu of the Ramayana texts. For the sake of this roleplay he will be coming from a completely different realm of reality in which the Hindi myths and legends are real with all historical events that have occurred in India up to the present in effect.

    Image: Hrithik Roshan (actor)

    Personality: Ambitious but will follow code of honour if the guidelines suit his needs. He is well spoken with a cultured accent of English and Indian, a trend he picked up during the English occupation of India. He has an appreciation for beauty but a fiercer appreciation for the suffering of his enemies.

    Attire: Usually adorned in traditional Indian dress with kurta (or completely shirtless with a loose scarf) and dhoti (a sari wrapped around the waist and passed between both legs and tucked at the back to look like loose trousers). The colours he wears are rich, a mixture of green, blues, reds and golds – characteristic of the beautiful fabrics found in India. He usually is seen with a gold necklace on his chest, an ancient symbol that even he has forgotten the meaning of.

    1 – Lanka, the ancient name for what is presently known as Sri Lanka

    2 – Deva, another name for god.

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