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    >> Character Bio <<

    Human Form
    Name| Kaden Black
    Age| Undisclosed
    Race| Abysmal Demon
    Occupation| General of the Shadow Knights|General of Roan's Undead Legions|Representative Ambassador of Eternal Empire
    Height| 6'7
    Weight| 220lbs
    Hair Color| Interchanging between Livid Black/Burnished Brown
    Eye Color| Electrifying Blue
    Temperament| Austere|Friendly|Good-Natured (Depends on his mood)
    Alignment| Lawful Evil
    Creator| Dark Lord Roan Silvermane
    Sibling| Daemon Black

    Weapons~Abilities >>
    Kaden carries with him at all times a sword forged by the God of Mischief, Roan Silvermane. Given to him as a gift not long after his own creation in honor of his dedicated training to become a General of the Abyss. The sword he had dubbed The Reaper is a rare type of Soul Reaver. The materials used to forge the great sword as well as the gem located at the base of it's hilt are of unknown origin. The single stone a faceted crimson in color steals and holds the souls of those who are slain by the sword. Only the creator and the owner of The Reaper can wield it...any other who dared to touch the weapon would have their soul's reaved.

    When in battle the General has the ability to call upon his Shadowknights, each who has the ability to walk within the Shadowplane enabling them to appear by his side in an instant when needed. In human form Kaden is limited in much of his demonic abilities. His strength remains slightly enhanced as well as his mental capacities and stamina|endurance.

    Demonic Form
    Height| 7'5
    Build| Powerful|Bulky
    Alignment| Chaotic Evil
    Skin Type| Fiery Crimson with Patches of Rough Scales
    Distinctive Features| Leathery bat-like wings|A set of tapered horns| Serpent-like barbed tail| A set of double bone blades protruding from the forearm joints of both wings

    Weapons~Abilities >>
    In this form Kaden's many abilities are greatly heightened...increased stamina, strength, agility, speed as well as his mental focus. He also has the ability to control the element of fire. No amount of fire damage can harm him excluding holy fire. The tapered bone blades protruding from his wing joints are regularly used as weapons and coupled with razor sharp teeth and claws can leave for a deadly combo. Just as he is able to call upon his Shadowknights when in human form, Kaden as General of the Undead Legions has that same ability to call upon them when required. Able to regenerate any physical damage almost instantly, any magical damage would take a little longer.

    Balrog Form
    Height| 12'
    Weight| Unknown
    Build| Massive|Muscular
    Alignment| Chaotic Evil
    Skin Type| Charred flesh engulfed fully within Abysmal Flame
    Distinctive Features| Bull-like features|Lengthy steer-like horns| Wings of flame| Claws like steel

    Weapons~Abilities >>
    The Balrog leaves Kaden no more than a mindless berserker relying mainly on brute force alone. Two types of weapon can be accessed in this form only and that is a long serpent like whip created of flame and a fire encased main-gauche. His horns as well can be used for piercing through flesh as well as gutting his foes. Only a powerful mind can help to control him when shifted to this phase...mainly his sibling Daemon Black or his Lord and Master Roan Silvermane. Just as in his demonic form he is able to regenerate physical damage almost instantly. Magic spells have less of a chance to damage him due to his great bulk and size...unless of course the caster has the ability to tap into an extensive amount of power.

    Other Information~

    The General~
    Don't let those angelic blue eyes nor his easy going disposition fool you, Kaden is a General through and through. He has a NO bullshit tolerance especially when it concerns the Shadowknights he commands...whether they be mortal or or undead. He expects the world from his Knights and even more from his Officers. Misconduct or bad transgressions by those under his command are quickly and thoroughly dealt with and if death occurs...well a soldier is easily replaced. His code and ethics reflect those of an old ancient code...A Code of Chivalry, and he asks....nay demands that his Knights follow this same tradition.

    The Ambassador~
    After the resurrection of the Eternal Empire, Kaden was sent by his lord and master Dark Lord Roan Silvermane to stand for him as representative of QS. Traveling back and forth almost daily between Quella Silvermane and Eternal Empire, Kaden does manage to find time to train with his Shadowknights as well as sit in on the Empress's Council Meetings. As well he would take on the duties as adviser to General Leonidas of the Imperial Guard and the fledgling General Tahwee of the Imperial Military.

    The Man~
    When not in training nor in the presence of his Knights, Kaden would be seen as easygoing and even playful at times. His electrifying blue eyes always shown with a kind gentleness no matter what mood he would be in....quite an irritant especially when disciplining one of his soldiers. Not one to shirk what he is entitled to, Kaden is one who enjoys the best life has to offer. Good wine, good clothes, good friends and good that order. In a way he is a romantic at heart always watching for the one lady who would one day tempt to steal his heart.

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