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    Bran the Raven


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    Bran the Raven Empty Bran the Raven

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    † Creature Bio †

    Name: Bran

    Gender: Male

    Genus: Raven (Corvus Corax)

    Role: Familiar to Kyorli||Companion to Branden

    Spoken Languages: Drow||Common

    Color: Pitch Black

    Body Length: 76cm or 2.5ft (beak to tail)

    Wing Length: 137cm or 4.5ft

    Alignment: Neutral

    Abilities: Bran is larger, heavier and much more intellegent then other species of common Ravens. He was also gifted with Telepathy giving him the ability to commune with his Familiar. With his extraordinary senses he also has the rare ability for night vision, his aptitude for this ability surpassing even an Owl's natural skill. Another one of his abilities and the most important one is his talent to open a clear pathway from this world to the Astral Realm, so his familiar might walk the path of Shadows.

    Traits: When not on duty or working with his familiar, Bran is very playful and extremly mischivous at times he enjoys playing pranks and jokes on those unsuspecting. His most favored pastime is snatching up anything that shines or sparkles, whether is be coin or jewlery, then stashing it at his secret hiding spot.

    When not on active duty or assisting his Familiar Kyorli within the QS|Amazon boundries, Bran could be found poping into the Eternal lands to visit with his companions and friends Branden Black, Brenden Black, Lord Roan and some others, as well as to assist any in delievering messages between QS and Eternal.

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