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    " Whether you are a lowly pawn, or an almighty Queen, you are still just a playing piece on my chessboard. "

    - Character Bio -

    Name: Amelee Star DeFanel
    Gender: Female
    Age: Undisclosed
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 100lbs
    Hair Color: Ebon
    Eye Color: Silver
    Status: Taken||Daemon Black
    Race: Demoness
    Tattoos: Various Henna decor
    Alignment: Neutral
    Complexion: Pale
    Sexuality: Straight
    Occupation: Empress of Eternal Empire||Assassin
    Assertive Hand: Right
    Fighting Style: Turn-Base
    Martial Art: Daito-Ryo Aikijutsu Style
    Element: Ice

    Magical Abilities: Some Telepathy, remote viewing, manipulation of seals (written in air or parchment) she is a master in the elements of ice.

    RP Style: Medieval/Fantasy/Feudal

    (( Facial Image: Actress Zhang Ziyi ))

    Personality: To those that do not know her she would seem distant and cold. A very quiet type that one would understand was not due to the account she was shy. Once a Master Assassin she is calculating, able to measure your every word, movement and look.

    To those she knows and trusts and a few she even loves she can be open, ready to share a sarcastic joke or enjoy a drink. She is known to be very protective and almost nurturing to those she allows within her "inner circle" as she reverts her role back to the Empress she now is instead of the Assassin she once was. It is not easy for outsiders to get to know her as she is difficult to approach, but once one is in her good graces, that is where they shall always be.

    Attire: Above all else Amelee prefers donning loose fitting, airy clothing. Her fashions leans more towards Oriental styles that does not easily restrict movement, Kimono, Yukata, Haori, and Hakama Pants and Skirts, Wooden Geta Sandals, Sakkat. If at any time she is sent out on a mission or job she will donn dark tight fitting leathers, vest, leggings, boots, the basic assassin outfit.

    Appearance: Asian in looks she stands at a mere 5'4, her build is very slim. lithe and highly lacking the natural female endowments. Oft times as not she is mistaken for a young lad by those that do not know her. Every movement every step is portrayed with a natural grace and perfect balance, enhanced by her daily exercise and rigorous training from her former years within the Rhy'Din Assassin Guild. Her hair is a rich ebony, rarely does she allow the full, thick tresses to flow freely down her back reaching well past slim hips. She can usually be seen keeping it tightly restricted in a long thick plaited braid down her back. Her eyes are the color of shimmering silver, their depths hidden behind a cold and calculating visage.

    Weapons: On her back she can -always- be seen carrying her beloved Shobu Zukuri Katana. When in assassin guise, she wears a Hojo Ring cleverly disguised as a silver buckle worn on her belt. A set of Kozuka Blades that ride within a small holster just above her left hip. Six Shurikan Darts hidden within various pockets sewn into her clothing. A pair of Sai as well as other various forms of weaponry concealed well upon her person.

    History: Born into the noble line of DeFanel and the House of Eternal. She is firstborn from a birthing of twins, her brother Folken Laquer DeFanel arriving into the world but an hour after her. Her father was a Demon Haakai Lord by the name of Mazoku the Fifth Emperor of Eternal, her mother was a Demoness of the rare Rakshasi race. Her name was Sion.

    Other notable family members would include her nephews Vanyel and Dante DeFanel. Her niece Theadra DeFanel, Her daughter by her second marriage Fayte DeFanel. Her twin sons by Daemon Black, Branden and Brenden.

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