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    1st Generation
    The Dark Prince
    Son of the Serpent

    In the beginning there was only Caine. Caine who murdered his brother out of anger. Caine who was cast out. Caine who was cursed forever with immortality. Caine who was cursed with the lust for blood. It is Caine from whom we all come.
    Our Sire's Sire.

    The Brother's Keeper

    And my brother, beloved Abel had said to me. "Caine you did not bring a sacrifice, a gift of the first part of you, your most beloved, your most sweetest to burn on the altar in sacrifice to the One Above."

    But he was wrong, my brother dearest to me in my heart, for in truth I had brought a sacrifice. A sacrifice born of the jealousy and anger against Abel that had so deeply consumed me. I cried tears of love and hate as I, with many sharp things sacrificed that which was my most beloved, the most sweetest part of my brother. And the blood of Abel covered the altar and it smelled sweetest as it burned.

    Then the Lord said unto me, "Where is your brother Abel?"
    "I know not," I replied. "Am I my brother's keeper?"
    Then He said, "What have you done? Your brother's blood cries out to Me from the ground! So now you are cursed from the ground that opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood that you have shed. If you work the land, it will never again give you its yield. You will be a restless wanderer forever upon this earth."

    The Cursed One

    The God Almighty had cursed me through the mouth of the Oracle who stood before me, stating unto me; "Then for as long as you walk this earth, you and your children shall cling to darkness. You will fear the dawn as the sun's rays will seek to burn you like fire.You will drink only blood. You will eat only ashes. You will be always as you were at death, never dying but living on through the timeless ages. You will forever walk the night. All you touch will crumble into nothingness until the last days.

    I gave a cry of anguish at this terrible curse and tore at my flesh. I had wept tears of blood this dreadful day at the painful parting of my mortality.

    Yet upon the eve of the thirteenth night of this curse, alone and hungering, I heard a sweet voice, a honey voice speaking words of succor, words of surcease. A woman, dark and lovely, with eyes that pierced the Darkness. She had come from afar seeking me.

    "I know your story Caine." She said smiling. "I am your father's first wife, she who was before Eve. I am one such as you, once cursed and cast aside. Yet unlike you I had gained freedom in the Darkness. I am Lilith.

    It was she who had taken me in, embraced me as she taught me how to embrace the darkness. She had bled for me and in partaking of her blood I had truly, finally been awakened.

    Upon my awakening my energies had surged erratically through me. Like one being struck by lightning numerous times, so did her powerful gifts flow through me. These were like breathing was once to me.

    The ability to move at a much faster-than-human speed.

    [ Resilience]
    The ability to withstand damaging attacks with comparatively minor injuries.

    [ Vigor]
    The ability to manifest supernatural strength above and beyond even a vampire's naturally superhuman capabilities.

    The power to commune with and command all beasts.

    The ability to prevent others from sensing one's self by clouding their minds.

    Preternatural sensitivity and awareness and the ability to foresee and know things seemingly unknowable.

    Allows a piercing stare that commands minds and the ability to break the will of others.

    Grants a seductive or commanding sway of emotions and the predatory manipulation of the weak.

    The power to evoke sheer terror by revealing one's primal nature.

    Grants the ability to assume a variety of forms such as a wolf or a mist.

    Then Lilith had commanded that I stop, saying that I had overreached my boundaries. Because of her power I had heeded her. But deep within me a seed was planted, a seed of rebellion. When she had turned her face from me I had opened myself up once more to the Darkness. It was there I witnessed the infinite possibilities in the stars and knew that a path of power, a path of blood was mine for the taking. And so I awakened in me this final path from which all other paths would grow.

    With this newest power I had broke the bonds that this Lady of the Night had put upon me. I left the Damned Queen that evening cloaking myself in shadows. I fled her lands and came to a place where not even her demons would ever find me.

    For eons I remained alone, growing lonely in my power. Yet deep within me the seed of loneness blossomed and grew a dark flower. I saw within my own blood the potence of fertility by calling on Demons and listening to whispered wisdom. I learned the way to make a child for my own. I came to know it's power and chose to embrace in this way the very three that were closest to me to become my beloved children.
    They would become second to my reign, the second generation of those who's veins flowed strongly of my blood.
    My most trusted.
    The Overlords of the thirteen ruling Blood Clans.

    The Second Generation

    Enoch the Wise, the son of my youngest brother Seth.
    Irad the Strong, whose strength served me well.
    Zillah the Beautiful, it was her blood that I favored above all others.

    The Third Generation

    Through the years my children sired their own brood of thirteen. Who had in turn founded thirteen Blood Clans. The Antediluvians.
    Ventrue ~ Gangrel ~ Malkav ~ Toreador ~ Lasombra ~ Set ~ Cappodocians ~ Salubri ~ Brujah ~ Ravnos ~ Nosferatu ~ Assamites ~ Tzimisce ~

    Through me my brood shall live on as I have since the very beginning of time itself...and here we shall remain till the very end.

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