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    † Character Profile †

    Name: Dante I. DeFanel
    Sex: Male
    Age: Undisclosed
    Hair Color: Whatever color Riv is in the mood for
    Eye Color: Sanguine
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 185 lbs
    Occupation: Imperial Diplomat
    Build: Lean/Muscular
    Piercing's: Left Ear/Brow
    Tattoos: Twin Flames w/letters E.B.O just over his heart. (Evil Blood Order)
    Alignment: Chaotic/Evil
    External Temperament: Quiet/Reserved
    Internal Temperament: Sinister
    Assertive Hand: Right
    RP Style: Fantasy/ Medieval
    Fighting Style: Turn Base Only

    Element: Fire

    Magic Abilities:

    (Mug shot: Chris Angel)

    Briefing: Born in the Royal DeFanel bloodline in the House of The Eternal Empire, His father is the Demon Lord Folken L. DeFanel or Lac for short and his Dhamphir mother Liyara DeFanel (Her Vampire sire is 1st Gen. Caine the Dark Prince). Other notable family members would consist of his brother Vanyel Salizar DeFanel, his Aunt Amelee Star DeFanel and his own daughter Theadra DeFanel.

    Appearance: On the exterior Dante looks calm, peaceful. He is quiet and reserved most times, and an arrogant pragmatist other times. He would look to be quite the charming Prince upon first meeting him. But underneath that cool distant exterior rages a Demon. His thoughts filled with evil and chaos, his hatred for most living things...especially humans incensed so deeply within him that even his gaze burns with the fires of Hell.

    Attire: Even though he has many different styles and ensembles his most noticeable of his attire is his long crimson leather Trenchcoat [Made of Human flesh]. Rich in color and polished with the blood of many a fallen foe. A single leather strap can be seen horizontally across his chest which holds his dagger's leather holster in place. Most often seen shirtless under the long coat. A pair of black worn leather pants doubly patched at the knees and a matching belt. The cuffs of his pants are usually seen tucked into heavy Trench Boots, which were at most times worn only half laced and slouching. At his hands he wore a set of obsidian gauntlets, underneath them a pair of carved bone bracers for hand and wrist stability when battling with weaponry.

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